9. Denver’s Historic Tramway Building.

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9. Denver's Historic Tramway Building



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The Tramway Building was constructed in 1911 and is located in an historical part of Denver on Thirteenth and Arapahoe Street. Originally it was a part of the tramway system and served as a Denver headquarters and center with meeting halls, administrative offices, theaters, and a bowling alley. Throughout the years, the building changed ownership, and today it belongs to the Denver Center for the Performance Arts. It is home to the Denver Center Theatre Company, the Denver Center Theatre Academy, the National Theatre Conservatory, and the National Center for Voice and Speech.

J.P. Illes of LONCO Inc. considers this project as one of the highlights of his career. The complexity of challenges on this project far surpassed those of any other project on which he worked. The building had to be re-designed to accommodate the needs of new users. Additionally, the amount of space needed and the structural capacity presented challenges. One of the major requirements of the project was to continue operations during the construction. Illes worked side by side on this project with architect Eric Bartczak and other professionals to solve these problems. The existing cast in place concrete had to be tested with x-ray techniques and custom statistical testing methodology to determine the structural capacity in order to add an additional fourth floor to provide the necessary space. Buildings are not designed to carry two additional floors; therefore, micropiles were used to strengthen the foundation.

As a result of the expansion, the building now hosts a new theater for children’s productions, a state-of-the-art dance and movement studio, a design studio, a TV and film studio, rehearsal space, and educational resources.

Exterior of Tramway building. Provided by LONCO Inc. Interior of a theater. Provided by LONCO Inc.
Interior of Tramway building.
Provided by LONCO Inc.


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