110. AGA Public Realm Strategies.

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110. AGA Public Realm Strategies


A new book about public parks has been written by Alexander Garvin. The book is called Public Parks: The Key to Livable Communities. This book covers everything about public parks, such as financing, management, role of the public, and design.

Alexander Garvin is also a CEO of the AGA Public Realm Strategies. AGA is using a public realm to create a framework for urban developments. Changes in the public realm that Alexander is trying to create include creating new parks and streets. Creation of the vision of the new public realm also plays a big role in AGA work. Meeting with the community, visiting a project site, and building a project team are all modules that will determine the success of the new vision for the new community.

From his practice Alexander noticed new trends that have been developing in the public realm for the past decade. De-emphasis of motor vehicle circulation is the main one. Greening of the cities and introduction of light rails into the existing infrastructure are others.


Atlanta Beltline Emerald Necklace.
Provided by Alexander Garvin.

De Kalb County.
Provided by Alexander Garvin.

Tessera, Austin, Texa.
Provided by Alexander Garvin.

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