220. Auraria Campus

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220. Auroria Campus



Located immediately west of Denver’s Central Business District, the Auraria Higher Education Center is home to three growing institutions: the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver, and the Community College of Denver. Together, over 44,000 students attend the Auraria Campus. Built in the 1970s in an automobile-oriented suburban manner, the campus and the rest of Downtown are separated by major streets and challenging pedestrian connections. Now, the Auraria and Downtown communities are working together to forge stronger connections, both physically and socially, and integrate the campus into its Downtown setting. Our guests for this podcast (Jill Jennings-Golich, the Auraria campus planner, Chris Geddes, campus planner and urban designer at studioINSITE, and Gary Desmond, principal at NAC Architects and chair of the Connecting Auraria Coalition) discuss the past, present, and future of the Auraria campus as a key component of Downtown Denver. Ken Schroeppel is the host.

Ken Schroeppel

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  1. William Spriggs April 28, 2012 at 5:38 am ·

    Msg to Ms. Jennings-Golich
    I’m excited about the bike lanes here on the West Rail Line’s West Corridor and it’s connection to the Auraria Campus and downtown. My organization hopes to entice students to live out west on the corridor and commute via bicycle to the campus. Keep up the great work.
    William Spriggs
    Editor, The Back Fence

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