235. University Station Apartments

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235 University Station Apartments



More often than not we faced with challenges of odd shaped sites in urban areas. One of these cites is in urban area near Interstate Highway I-25 and light rail line of Denver, Colorado. Mile High DevelopmentĀ has been working for ten years to acquire this site. George Thorn with Mile High Development is excited about new project University Station Apartments.

Nathan Jenkins with Becks mentions that triangular shape site has a lot of challenges. Due to site shape building assembled from the non-rectilinear floor plans of units. There will be 60 apartment units in this project. Each unit will have a balcony to accommodate great views of north, south, and mountain west sides. On-site parking is provides only 20 parking stalls. Additional 50 parking spaced has been provided for University Station Apartments under the long term lease in adjacent RTD parking structure.

Decision has been made do not include retail or offices component in this project. Community center is located at the ground level instead facing plaza. Community center connects project with community and existing neighborhood.

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  1. Jerry Gourdin October 21, 2012 at 4:33 pm ·

    The link to the audio file does not appear to be working.

  2. roger lambert May 1, 2013 at 11:19 am ·

    would like an application or contact to realtor to become a new tennant, please. thank you. Roger Lambert, mailing: rogr Lambert 25east 16th ave #312 Denver, Co. 80202 . Phione: (303)- 764-2212.

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