240. What’s Next for Arapahoe Square.

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240 What's Next for Arapahoe Square



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Young Leaders Group of ULI Colorado presents: What’s Next for Arapahoe Square?
Panel with a preview tour of 2020 Lawrence

Followed by ULI Colorado Monthly Social at the Gin Mill, 2041 Larimer Street, Denver

What’s not square, covers 30 city blocks, sits next to the downtown Central Business District, and is slated to become a great urban neighborhood?

Is it Canary Wharf? Battery Park City? (Buzzer noise.) No—it’s Denver’s own Arapahoe Square, the asphalt-laden area from Tremont to Larimer and 20th to Park Avenue West, sliced through by Broadway and a light rail line. Currently a patchwork of parking lots and homeless facilities, the neighborhood is high on Denver’s list of revitalization.

The 2007 Downtown Area Plan states: “Redevelop Arapahoe Square as a cutting edge, densely populated, mixed-use area and center of innovative businesses.” In 2011 the Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) declared an Arapahoe Square district making available such tools as Tax-Increment Financing.

Now development chips are staring to fall. The successful debut of Solera at 20th and Lawrence proved the market by leasing a new apartment building at a record rate. The project was soon sold for a record price. Now Zocalo Community Development moves further north with 2020 Lawrence, a 10-story, LEED Gold building to include 231 apartments and 9,100 square feet of commercial space.

“2020 Lawrence is a great anchor development for the Arapahoe Square district. We can only hope this is the first of many like it that will shape and change this neighborhood.”—Denverinfill.com

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        The link was not actually broken. It worked, it just played the audio from podcast #238: Where the Sidewalk Ends Part 6. That is still the case.

        Thank you.

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