242. Denver International Airport.

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Denver International Airport



Three related transportation infrastructure projects currently underway in Denver will transform how people arrive into the city. At Downtown Denver’s historic Union Station, a major new transit hub is under construction that will accommodate RTD’s extensive FasTracks rail network, including the East Line that will link Union Station with the terminal at Denver International Airport. That line is currently under construction and scheduled to open in early 2016. To accommodate the new East Line, DIA is under construction with the South Terminal Redevelopment Project, which will not only include the transit center for the East Line, but also a 500-room Westin Hotel, a major public plaza, and an extension of the main terminal.┬áTo discuss these exciting topics, our guests are Greg Straight, project manager from RTD on the East Line; Jennifer Johnson, the architect with Gensler who’s heading up the design process at DIA; and Stu Williams, the city’s project manager for DIA’s South Terminal Redevelopment Project.

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